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Giuseppe Ungaretti
Giuseppe Ungaretti by Stephen Alcorn, 1983.

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Ueda, Makoto (1970). Matsuo Basho. New York, Twayne Publishers.
Behind the life and work - the prose and poetry - of a literary genius. The only comprehensive study that examines all areas of Basho's work, including haibun, renku and critical commentaries.

Ungerer, Tomi, Therèse Willer, et al. (2015). All in One. New York, NY, The Drawing Center.
Tomi Ungerer is best known as the award-winning author and illustrator of such beloved 1960s children's classics as The Three Robbers and Moon Man. But even as Ungerer was busy producing children's books for Harper & Row, he was making a name for himself with witty advertising campaigns for The New York Times and the Village Voice, satirical illustrations about the business world and brutal responses to racism, fascism and the Vietnam War. Ungerer also made graphic erotic drawings throughout his career. Beginning with his childhood drawings depicting the Nazi invasion of Strasbourg, through his work in New York and Canada, and concluding with Ungerer's most recent political and satirical campaigns as well as his illustrations for the 2013 children's book Fog Island, Tomi Ungerer: All in One reintroduces this wildly creative individual to a broad audience.

United States. Supreme Court. and Peter H. Irons (1997). May It Please the Court: The First Amendment; Transcripts of the Oral Arguments Made before the Supreme Court in Sixteen Key First Amendment Cases
. New York, New Press: Distributed by W.W. Norton.
Irons coedited the two other books of Supreme Court arguments and decisions for the New Press May It Please the Court series: the 1993 edited tapes and texts sampled a range of issues; the 1995 set contained 8 reproductive rights and abortion cases. This current set (a book with 4 tapes) covers 16 First Amendment cases. Four of them were in the first set: a 1963 school-prayer case; a 1969 decision in which the Court upheld students' right to wear black armbands to protest the Vietnam War; a 1971 case striking down a state law criminalizing flag burning; and the 1971 Pentagon Papers case. Twelve "new" cases address government display of religious symbols; "public indecency "; reporters' claimed right to protect their sources; religious use of drugs; censorship of school newspapers; discrimination based on sexual preference; draft-card burning and other Vietnam War protests; and libel (including the Larry Flynt-Jerry Falwell and New York Times Co. v. Sullivan cases). Attorney Irons supplies introductions that establish the context and consequences of these seminal decisions. As before, New Press' tapes-and-text combination offers a fascinating history lesson. - Mary Carroll

Updike, John (2013). Collected Early Stories
. New York, Library of America.
The Library of America presents the first of two volumes in its definitive Updike collection. Here are 102 classic stories that chart Updike's emergence as America's foremost practitioner of the short story, "our second Hawthorne," as Philip Roth described him. Based on new archival research, each story is presented in its final definitive form and in order of composition, established here for the first time.

Updike, John (2013). Collected Later Stories
. New York, Library of America.
The Library of America presents the second of two volumes in its definitive Updike collection. Here are 84 classic stories that display the virtuosic command of character, dialogue, and sensual description that was Updike's signature.. Based on new archival research, each story is presented in its final definitive form and in order of composition, established here for the first time.

Updike, John (1983). Hugging the Shore: Essays and Criticism
. New York, Knopf.
''Hugging the Shore'' is a large selection of the essays and reviews John Updike has published, alongside his novels, stories and poems, over the past eight years. Like his earlier selections, ''Assorted Prose'' (1965) and ''Picked-Up Pieces'' (1975), the new book documents his achievements as a man of letters.
In his criticism, Mr. Updike is concerned with the general conditions of cultural life, as far as they can be deduced from the humanities and social sciences. In the new collection he has reviewed two anthropologists, Claude Levi-Strauss and Marc de Civrieux; two travelers, Jonathan Raban and Edward Hoagland; two historians, Isaiah Berlin and Peter Gay (in his new capacity as critic of art); two theologians, Karl Barth and Paul Tillich; two actresses, Louise Brooks and Doris Day; two critics, Edmund Wilson and Roland Barthes; a philosopher, E. M. Cioran; five poets, Walt Whitman, Wallace Stevens, W. H. Auden, Randall Jarrell and L. E. Sissman; and nearly every novelist except Norman Mailer. Distinctive cultures surveyed with notable zeal include those of the United States, Latin America, Africa, India, the West Indies, Japan, China, France, England and Ireland.

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