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101 Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes (animation, 11 Oct 2013)

The Guardian via YouTube

Using testimony from five detainees, this animated film reveals the daily brutality of life inside Guantánamo.

Narrated by David Morrisey and Peter Capaldi. Produced by The Guardian. Created by Mustafa and Guy Grandjean. Music by Leon Michener. Testimonies obtained by Reprieve.

Also see:

The Making of 'Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes' by Mark Townsend, (The Guardian, 12 Oct 2013)"


David Morrisey discussing his role as one of the narrators in the animated film, 'Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes' by Mark Townsend, (The Guardian, 12 Oct 2013)


102 The Railrodder (travelogue, Sep 1964)

National Film Board of Canada

From director Gerald Potterton, this short film starring Buster Keaton was one of the last films of Keaton's long career. As "the railrodder" he crosses Canada from east to west on a railway track speeder. True to his genre, the film is full of sight gags as Keaton putt-putts his way to British Columbia. Not a word is spoken throughout, and Keaton is as spry and ingenious at fetching laughs as he was in the days of the silent slapsticks.

For more background information about this film, visit the National Film Board of Canada's blog.


103 Outsourcing America Exposed (animation, 24 Sep 2013)

PRWatch via YouTube

When Wall Street collapsed the economy in 2008, one company eager to buy public assets from cash-strapped governments proclaimed, "Desperate governments are our best customer!" Across the country, for-profit companies are engaged in a hostile takeover of our schools, roads, prisons, drinking water, and even government itself. This video exposes the privatizers and profiteers selling out democracy.

The Center for Media and Democracy's Outsourcing America Exposed project gives taxpayers the tools they need to identify these privatizers and profiteers, their eye-popping salaries, the "fine print follies" contained in their contracts that put taxpayers on the hook - even for work not done - and how taxpayers can take back control of public assets and public services.


104 They're Watching Us: So What? (panel discussion, 14 Nov 2013)

PEN America via YouTube

With James Bamford, Ariel Dorfman, Glenn Greenwald, Bruce Schneier.

Is the same surveillance that is meant to protect us from danger also harming us? Are the NSA programs Edward Snowden has revealed inhibiting the way we think, speak, create, and interact? And what about the parallel universe of private sector spying and data mining?

Join luminaries from the fields of literature, technology, media, and policy for a discussion of what we know - and don't yet know - about how surveillance is reshaping our public and private lives.

Presented by PEN American Center in partnership with the ACLU and the Center on National Security at Fordham Law.


105 The Pathology of the Rich (interview, 5 Dec 2013)

The Real News via YouTube

Paul Jay and Chris Hedges discuss the psychology of the super rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms.

Full transcript may be found here.


106 HR 676: Improved and Expanded Medicare for All [aka Single-Payer National Health Insurance] (informational short, 12 Dec 2013)

Kaylen Larson via YouTube

Physicians for a National Health Program board member and pediatrician Dr. Robert Zarr, along with graphic design student Kaylen Larson, released this short film about the state of the healthcare crisis in the United States, and why HR 676 is the Cure All to what ails us.

Read more about Single-Payer National Health Insurance.


107 Unlock Art: Alan Cumming on Pop Art (short film and animation, 18 Dec 2013)

Tate via YouTube

From the streets of Manhattan Alan Cumming whips through the history of Pop Art in America and Britain, from Andy Warhol's soup cans to Peter Blake's blue jeans.

Unlock Art is Tate's new short film series, offering a witty inside track on the world of art. Alan Cumming joins forces with new Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi, Frank Skinner and other celebrity art fans to introduce some of the big ideas that have shaped art history. A new film is released each month, with topics ranging from the history of the nude and the nature of the art market, to surrealism and Pop art.


108 30c3: To Protect and Infect, Part 2 (lecture, 30 Dec 2013)

Albert Veli via YouTube

Presenting in-tandem with the publishing of an article in Germany's Der Spiegel magazine, Jacob Applebaum explained to the audience of his hour-long To Protect and Infect address given before the 30th Chaos Communication Congress (30C3) that the NSA has secretly sabotaged US businesses by covertly - and perhaps sometimes with the cooperation of the tech industry - coming up with ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the products sold by major American companies, including Dell and Apple, among others.

That was only the main theme of many covered throughout the presentation, during which Appelbaum repeatedly revealed previously unpublished top-secret NSA documents detailing the tactics and techniques used by the NSA to intercept the communications of seemingly anyone on Earth. See this RT article for more.

Slides used in Appelbaum's presentation may be downloaded here. Additional talks given at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress may be viewed/downloaded here.


109 Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (documentary, 29 Jan 2014)

Paula Lázaro via YouTube

In 2010 a group of free speech and digital rights activists, lawmakers, and civil society organizations convened in Reykjavík, Iceland, with the goal to create a collection of the worlds strongest media and free speech protection laws and see them implemented in the small north-Atlantic state of Iceland. By assessing the greatest threats to media freedoms and addressing each by looking at well made and successful laws from around the world, the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI) promised to open up the philosophical discussion of free speech protection while offering Iceland new opportunities for social development and financial gain.

This is a documentary made by Paula Lázaro about the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. It was shot in Iceland during the summer of 2012 and features in depth interviews with many of the people who continue to work on IMMI.

As this proposal assembles the strongest international protection laws, it can for the most part be easily applied to almost any legal system. It is of course easier to make this kind of proposal in countries with small legislative bodies, high levels of education, relatively low levels of corruption, and fast moving governments, but with enough focused effort this proposal can be applied virtually anywhere.


110 Meet Jack. Or, What the Government Could Do With That Location Data? (ACLU action video, 20 Feb 2014)

ACLU Videos via YouTube

Law enforcement is taking advantage of outdated privacy laws to track Americans like never before. New technologies can record your every movement, revealing detailed information about how you choose to live your life. Without the right protections in place, the government can gain access to this information -- and to your private life -- with disturbing ease.

As long as it is turned on, your mobile phone registers its position with cell towers every few minutes, whether the phone is being used or not. Since mobile carriers are retaining location data on their customers, government officials can learn a tremendous amount of detailed personal information about you by accessing your location history from your cell phone company, ranging from which friends you're seeing to where you go to the doctor to how often you go to church. The Justice Department and most local police forces can get months' worth of this information, without you ever knowing -- and often without a warrant from a judge.

Tell Congress: Support the GPS Act

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